The Pit

Born in Croix in 1968
Lives and works in Lille

Between 85 and 95, Pit drew much black and white: The psychedelia to Charles Burns were published in graphzines as Take the Bitch (FR), Stinky Jackal (FR), St. Ink (USD).
And then he stopped.
In 95, putting aside the drawing, he joined an old friend who has just set up the agency Eye for an Eye, where he learned computer to print, then the computer for web.
When, in 2004, became Pit The Pit, was to produce drawings of girls. Envious girls, girls damaged, girls who take the flesh and hair, girls Transenter always craneuses. These are plotted Troma Miss a brush precise mélant seduction and confusion. A gaggle of pretty lines for a podium disastrous.

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