Miette said Ariane was born in Paris in 1981, drawn by the drawing since childhood she made her high school at the Ecole Boulle in Applied Arts and continued her studies in fine arts college.

In January 2005, was born while the character of Miette, which finally give him his stage name.

Having always work around a single character, Miette encouraged to stage by multiplying media and techniques: painting, drawing, graffiti, customization, sewing, modeling, graphics, illustration, collaboration with designers ...

She exhibits in galleries such as Ars Longa, Celal in Paris, Lyon Artoyz, Compound Gallery in the United States. It also participates in various community events and contributes to the scenery (scenery of the TV dinner tea or coffee for Olivia Ruiz)

One can also find his publications in the magazine Elegy, the collection "livre rouge C215", "400 ml", "Cadavre Exquis" by Pascal Pacaly, "Métamorphose de bord de ciel" by Mathias Malzieu and various regional newspapers and specialist and in the clip of Olivia Ruiz "Les crêpes aux champignons".

More information: www.miette-factory.com

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