Lives and works in Toulouse

On the frontier between youth illustration as it is known and underground illustration, Fräneck's drawings swiftly change from a candid world to a bizarre and frightening world. The numerous characters he staged adapt their actions in the constructions that surround them. Curious and enigmatic architectures where the intervention of the characters also becomes inexplicable.
This change from dream to nightmare brings the characters and the different elements of the set in a sometimes violent, humorous confrontation, always with a background of bright colors and attention to detail.
It evolves today between illustration and self-publishing through its own micro structure. He reflects on the modes of reading that the book object can offer. Thus we find the notions of architectures and constructions of his drawings in the manufacture of his books.
It was also published by ION, in June 2012, in which we can find in this collection of drawings entitled The houses, the fundamentals of his work.

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