by XXX prod.©

XXX prod.©


2 colors silkscreen
Signed-numbered to 41 copies
On white paper 21 x 15cm

About XXX prod.©
"Dirty Pretty Pictures for Kids"Enter the magical, colorful and desperate XXX Prod. © "parasite graphics"!Discover the enchanting world, where forms are mild, simple, bright colors. There are very beautiful birds, bears and rabbits green blue cute as hell. And even rainbows rainbows, flowers and clouds!But the pink and blue are a front reassuring, a camouflage, for the message and themes...

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15,00 €

Signed :Yes
Numbered :Yes
Number of copies :41
Height :15 cm
Width :21 cm
Number of colors :2: pink, yellow
Color of paper :White paper 250g

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