ART IS NATION Exclusivity ! Pack Marianne Pasquet

Pack Marianne Pasquet

by Marianne Pasquet

Marianne Pasquet


Both 3 colors silkscreens
Signed and numbered
On grey 30 x 40cm

About Marianne Pasquet
Since she was a little girl, Marianne has pencils in her pockets and ideas full of her head. After completing his Applied Arts and Graphic Design studies,The fascinating world of children, Marianne naturally turned her attention to illustration. Today, eight children's books are born under his pencils,Marianne paints, draws, for different supports and different orders.(Record sleeves, posters...

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50,00 €

Instead of 60,00 €

Pack content

Signed :Yes
Numbered :Yes
Height :40 cm
Width :30 cm
Number of colors :3: white, black, pink
Color of paper :Grey paper 270g

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