Le Bonhomme Maison

by Yann Legrand

Yann Legrand


3 colors silkscreen
Signed-numbered to 44 copies
On white paper 50 x 70cm

About Yann Legrand
At 18 in the street with my bag, box of chalk and book is my choice, before I get to paint.But lack of money and push me up to a practice of economics: a book (yes again) and a pen.My approach is to not let me bring in my practice with this quick comfort of our time, I chose to work time as a raw material: the complete book of faces drawn, or push the limits of the pen, my gesture and my eye to...

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40,00 €

Signed :Yes
Numbered :Yes
Number of copies :44
Height :70 cm
Width :50 cm
Number of colors :3 (black- grey - light grey)
Color of paper :White

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